Ninja Blender or Vitamix

Another goes by and the title for who can produce the best smoothie maker for the best price rages on! On one hand you have the famous traditional Vitamix that can handle anything you through at it. On the other hand you have the Ninja Mega Kitchen system that will do the same job – lacking some functionality.

The biggest differences between the two are their ability to make hot soups and the overall cost. If you can’t see yourself making hot soups or making anything except for green smoothies, the Ninja will do just fine. If your going to be more creative, the Vitamix is the way to go.

In this article we will be conducting an in-depth Vitamix or Ninja comparison – discovering the major differences to help you make the best possible buying decision.


Both machines have incredible power, the Vitamix 1380 watts versus Ninja’s 1000-1500 watts. Ninja control/watts differ contingent on particular model – give careful consideration to the model you are thinking about. We tried the Ninja Professional NJ600 1000 watts (the blockbuster) and the Ninja Ultima 1500 watts. Remember that power is just a single component that influences genuine performance, different elements, for example, edge speed, torque and configuration have a bigger impact in how well a blender performs.

The Vitamix truly can deal with anything we put in it. The outcome is dependably a smooth and steady surface. The Ninja blender handles organic product smoothies effortlessly however clearly battles with a portion of the all the more requesting undertakings, for example, blending entire solidified leafy foods margarines.

Cutting edges and Design

Each Vitamix accompanies a solid laser-cut four prong stainless steel sharp edge. Two are limit hammermill edges and two are cutting sharp edges. The whole edge and lodging is metal. These cutting edges are made to last and won’t lose their edge after 1000s of blends.

The Ninja accompanies a vertical 6 sharp edge tower connection. Six thin honed metal cutting edges interchange up an inside post. A major advantage of the cutting edge connection is that it is effectively expelled for cleaning. A negative is that the edges are sharp and can without much of a stretch cut your hands. The Ninja relies on upon this sharpness to blend – they do dull after some time.

We regularly found the need to stop the Ninja blender, expel the cover, rub within the compartment, supplant the top and keep blending. The Vitamix then again basically never requires such extra exertion.

The Ninja sharp edge post does NOT permit the blender to make a Vortex, which is the principle configuration figure that permits blenders to blend effectively. We found that on the off chance that you blend with the Ninja at full volume, the fixings close to the top don’t get maneuvered down into the edges abandoning you with bigger lumps in the highest point of the blend. Additionally, ranges between the cutting edges and the base don’t get totally blended. The inside post, or “tower” is made of plastic, and some purchaser dissensions specify that this part breaks under overwhelming use.

Guarantee and Durability

A major calculate the Vitamix versus Ninja thought is – to what extent will it last? The Vitamix is made in the USA. It is bigger in size with a more mechanical feel. Vita-blend blenders have the business’ best guarantee – 7-Years Full Use that spreads everything. Perceived as a world pioneer in performance blenders, Vita-blend has demonstrated themselves as an industry pioneer and have been making blenders since 1937.

The Ninja is made in China and accompanies a 1-Year restricted guarantee. (We have found once in a while that a 2 or 5-Year restricted guarantee can be acquired.) The blender itself is lighter in weight with more plastic parts. The Ninja blender entered the US advertise in 2009 from the Euro-Pro Operating LLC, an organization established in 2003 initially to make vacuums.

While there are a lot of all around utilized Vitamix blenders as yet working in home kitchens following 20+ years of utilization, Ninja blenders are still excessively youthful, making it impossible to know to what extent they will last since they’ve just been in presence for a brief span.

Sustenance and Taste

Both blenders make a decent showing with regards to with turning out great organic product smoothies, protein shakes, dressings and sauces. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are hoping to put resources into a blender to get the best taste and most nourishment conceivable there is a distinction.

Autonomous research has exhibited that the Vitamix 5200 is able to do adequately separating plant cell divider structure to increase the nourishment accessible for use in your body. This increases the accessibility of phytonutrients (otherwise known as phytochemicals). While the advantages of these plant-based supplements is a progressing range of research, studies have demonstrated that they viably go about as antibacterial/antiviral operators, invigorate detoxifying chemicals, adjust hormones and lift the resistant framework.

With an increased concentrate on wellbeing and nourishment, green smoothies have turned out to be extremely mainstream among those hoping to help their resistant framework and enhance their prosperity. Other Ninja surveys agree with our discoveries that the Ninja neglects to make a smooth green smoothie. Then again, the Vitamix is known for making rich, super smooth green smoothies regardless of how much greens are included.

In any case, that distinction is not just observed with green smoothies, the Ninja essentially can’t blend as smooth as the Vitamix. Why is this imperative? Surface is everything. Notwithstanding more nourishment, smoother, littler particles makes a more homogenized outcome which thus achieve more flavor and additionally an all the more satisfying surface.

Controls and Ease of Use

With its one of a kind genuine variable speed dial, the Vitamix considers finish control of your blending errands. There is additionally a Hi/Lo change to change from manual variable speed (Lo) to Maximum speed (Hi). Each Vitamix blender accompanies an alter for those events when you require help to blend strong nourishments without halting the blender. The alter can be extremely useful in when making thick solidified courses, nut margarines, and puddings with no to minimal fluid.

The Ninja gives an all the more constraining control with 3 set velocities and a heartbeat catch (a few models have an aditional single serve speed catch). We have found that the speed dial on the Ninja Ultimate to be harder to use since it didn’t offer reliable speed control when tuning (it essentially has a dial and a heartbeat/control switch); we really favored the 3 set paces found on their prominent models since they were steady. Getting to substance in the compartment with the edge tower exhibit, for tasting or testing is troublesome. Additionally, on the off chance that you wish to include fixings while blending, it is a great deal more hard to do as such with the Ninja.

Setting up the Vitamix for utilize is straightforward. Put the holder on the base, push the delicate elastic cover on top and you are prepared. The Ninja has a couple of more points of interest/ventures to plan for utilize.

The Ninja holder is adjusted on the base and pivoted left so that the wellbeing tabs are pushed down and secure. The top has a locking handle which must stay in an upright position until the top is accurately adjusted by the printed bolts. Once effectively situated and fixed, the securing handle is pushed onto the compartment so that the top locks fit cozy under the holder tabs.

One element of the Ninja that effortlessly goes unnoticed when shopping is the Lock-in lever. Situated on the left half of the blender base, it is quite often covered up in all Ninja showcasing pictures. This lever enacts the suction feet for included solidness which is required when making mixture as the blender can without much of a stretch move around if there is not adequate suction made to hold the blender set up.

Both the Vitamix versus Ninja will keep on running until physically stop or until a warm change is actuated to counteract overheating and harm. In the event that this insurance measure is initiated you should hold up around 15 minutes before the blender can be utilized once more!

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